About This Project

Within the dermis is the extracellular matrix (ECM) and is the largest component of normal skin.  It is a 3-dimensional gel like network containing fibroblasts.  The role of the ECM is to provide structure and scaffolding, skin elasticity and tensile strength amongst other things.

As we age sue to intrinsic and extrinsic ageing fibroblast activity and numbers decrease leading to a reduction of collagen and elastin.

SuneKOS is not like any product on the market, it is an injectable treatment containing a patented formula of low (SuneKOS performa) and medium  (Sunekos 1200) molecular weight Hyaluronic acid and 6 crucial amino acids which act as fuel to stimulate fibroblast activity within the extracellular matrix.  Stimulation of fibroblasts leads to the synthesis of collagen and extracellular matrix regeneration to restore the dermis and epidermis.

SuneKos aims to restore homeostasis within the ECM, this reduces inflammation and remodels collagen and elastin.  Type 4 collagen is the hardest to reproduce, not for SuneKOS!  SuneKOS helps to restore skin elasticity, hydration, volume, soften fine lines and wrinkles.

It is essential that hyaluronic acid, to stimulate fibroblasts and 6 crucial amino acids, to induce MRNA expressions to produce structural proteins are used.

  • Too many amino acids inhibit extracellular growth
  • Too few amino acids results in incomplete synthesis of collagen and no elastin
  • If the molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid is too high it will act less on the fibroblasts.

Most products on the market are non-specific, so they stop working.  SuneKOS lasts 35-40% longer!

SuneKOS can be used anywhere on the body