Mentoring at Soft Touches Aesthetics

Soft Touches Aesthetics offer a 1:1 mentoring service for medical professionals new to aesthetics or those wanting to build confidence and develop skills. 

Claire Newman, director at Soft Touches Aesthetics is an experienced registered Mental health nurse with a wealth of knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine. Additionally, she has an honors degree in psychology and a master’s degree in nursing practice. She is an independent nurse prescriber and completed the level 7 in aesthetic medicine in 2017. She is a qualified level 3 assessor and a level 4 IQA. She has a special interest in the consultation process, in particular mental health within aesthetic medicine.  

What to expect

⦁  A friendly, welcoming learning environment.
⦁  Mentoring days are bespoke and the aims of the day will be set in advance and in collaboration.
⦁  Opportunity will be given to ask questions, discuss any cases or concerns that you may have.
⦁  Review any gaps you may have from the training.
⦁  We will supply products and models.
⦁  Hands on mentoring
⦁  Constructive feedback.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £400

Requirements: Medical professionals who have completed a foundation course in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers.  You will be asked to provide evidence of your professional registration and qualifications.

Application Form

Thank you for your interest in attending our training course! This form provides us with all of the  information we require to process your application. Please pay special attention when entering your contact details, particularly your email address.

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